Kilimanjaro products are inspired by the largest free-standing mountain on the planet. More than 500 square miles of rock forged from the magma of three ancient volcanoes. A massive sentinel overlooking the plains of East Africa, drawing intrepid and daring adventurers from across the globe. 

Under the shadow of this monolith, explorers begin their summit bids. Some will reach the peak. Others will be turned back by forces too great to overcome. A few will die.

Win the summit or lose everything – that undaunted spirit is ingrained in the design and craftsmanship of every Kilimanjaro brand product.

You might never climb Kilimanjaro. Yet you can create challenge and find adventure closer to home. We hope you'll bring some of our gear along to make your next exploration more rewarding.


Kilimanjaro Knives

kilimanjaro knife

Designed and built to perform in the most demanding climates and conditions, Kilimanjaro knives utilize quality materials and functionality worthy of the name. Built to not only look and feel good, these knives are made to endure and conquer any challenge. 

Field tested blade and handle materials, combined with quality construction and ergonomics are included across the range and are designed and purpose-built for a wide range of applications from everyday carry to industrial, tactical, outdoor, hunting and fishing.

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Kilimanjaro Multi-Tools

Multi Tool

From the massive Magnus to the compact Ascend multi-tools, Kilimanjaro multi-tools are offered in sizes, options and features to fit any scenario.

Kilimanjaro multi-tools feature field tested blade, tool and handle materials, combined with quality construction and ergonomics and are designed and purpose built for a wide range of applications.

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Kilimanjaro Lights

There is no denying the importance of capable, rugged and dependable lighting for outdoor activities. With unique, patented designs and virtually indestructible ABS housings, Kilimanjaro’s high lumen, lightweight and versatile lighting instruments provide the visibility needed to get the job done.

Virtually indestructible housings, high lumen LED’s, and compact collapsible designs are just a few examples that put Kilimanjaro lighting above the rest.

From lighting a trail to illuminating a campsite, Kilimanjaro has lights suitable for the harshest outdoor conditions, as well as tactical and everyday scenarios at home.

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Kiligear Backpacks and Bags

Kiligear bags and packs offer outstanding functionality, durability, style and performance for trips to the office, tactical missions, hunting and travel.

Kiligear packs and bags are available in two distinct categories, Tactical and Tactical Elite.

The Tactical line utilizes rugged, water-resistant 600-denier tactical nylon, self-repairing zippers and reinforced webbing, along with essential features needed to survive the journey at hand.

Built to last a lifetime, the Tactical Elite series of bags from Kiligear are constructed from premium 1000-denier nylon fabric and utilize high-grade waterproofing for maximum durability and weather protection.

They incorporate durable PALS exterior webbing for expansion and organization, along with reinforced stitching for heavy wear resistance. UTX-Duraflex® hardware and YKK® self-repairing zippers complete the package.

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